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Group Management Report


8. Environment

GfK is a global company with a high level of environmental awareness. As a service provider who neither runs factories nor manufactures physical products, energy use is the biggest environmental factor at our company.

At the end of 2015, we introduced an energy management system in accordance with EN 50001 in all of GfK’s offices in Germany. This provides us with a systematic approach for adjusting our consumption as sustainably as possible. The energy management system is used by energy management officers to define, manage and control clear responsibilities and track our company’s entire energy consumption. In this way, we can monitor our consumption systematically, which makes targeted optimization possible.

Energy efficiency not only preserves resources, it also gives our company a distinct competitive advantage. GfK’s energy policy was adopted by the Management Board in 2015 to emphasize the great significance of energy-efficient practices for the company.

The energy policy states that it is our “... declared objective to use energy sources sensibly as part of cost efficiency and ensure that we use resources in a sustainable manner.” “...Furthermore, [...] our energy efficiency programs must take a holistic view, aim for continuous improvement, technical development and the efficient use of resources. Energy-efficient procurement is extremely important for our company. ...”

On the basis of collected consumer data, we defined our strategic and operational energy saving targets in the last financial year and implemented the first measures, which include reducing carbon emission in the fleet and using LED lighting.

In addition, we are giving all staff in Germany online training on this subject to raise awareness. We will assess the effectiveness of these measures in 2017, when our energy management system will be audited in accordance with ISO.